No Jon Jones Gustafsson Rematch? MMA Confidential

by Bruce KiVo

Saturday’s epic battle between UFC Champ Jonny “Bones” Jones and Sweden’s Alexander Gustafsson was truly an

epic battle and as mma journalist Michael Stets pointed out, it was reminiscent of Rocky Balboa vs Apollo Creed.

Both athletes went to the the hospital after what many say was a very close fight.

After the fight, Jones said he would grant Gustafsson a rematch, as it was the fairest thing to do.

After Jones repeatedly watched replays of the fight, he feels he won rounds 2, 4 and 5.

To his credit, Gustafsson, no doubt  gave Jones his toughest fight to date and was the first to take down the Champ.

Gustafsson’s takedown defense was also off the hook.  Having Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis as a training partner paid

off bigtime.

Many say Gustafsson won the fight, 3 rounds to 2.  If you scored round 2 for Gust,  like UCL’s Peter Storm, the

outcome would have favored the big Swede.  I had round 2 close, but gave it to Jones.

To become a champ, you’ve got to beat the champ and although Alexander had good boxing and confused Jones

with great footwork, “Bones” Jones was the one doing the real damage.  At the end of round 4, my predict was

Alexander Gustaffsson getting tko’d by knees and elbows in round 5.  To quote Coach Dreyfus of Radical MMA…

“Gustafsson’s head is like concrete.  Anyone else would have folded from Jones’ knees and elbows”.

Both guys were totally gassed by round 5 and pure heart kept them going.

So what about a rematch??

Dana announced #1 light heavyweight contender Glover Teixeira gets the next title shot at Jonny “Bones” Jones

Feb 1st in Newark.

Jonny expressed  no interest in an immediate rematch with the Swede. I know fans would like to see the rematch,

but Teixeira seems more deserving, especially after his spectacular 1st round tko of Ryan Bader at UFC Fight

Night Sept. 4th.

But have no fear….Jones will rematch Gustafsson after the Glover Teixeira fight and this one may prove to be

better then the last one.

See you in Newark!




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