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Betting tips for boxing

Like so many other sports, boxing betting is hugely popular – and often it is the same people who pay such keen attention to the big fights like the welterweight championship battle, who also like putting bets on them. You are not guaranteed success from betting on boxing – as with any other form of gambling – but following a few useful tips can certainly help your chances.

Assuming you are already reasonably knowledgeable about the sport itself, it is also sensible to learn as much as possible about boxing betting – including the type of bets offered by bookmakers and the way each works – so that you can place informed bets. A standard boxing bet will generally offer you the chance to bet on one fighter to win, or a draw, with the odds offered by the bookies telling you which is the favourite and which is the outsider. The favourites will usually have low odds, which make them a safe bet, but also reduce the payout you can get – unless you bet a large amount to start with. If you want to bet on the favourite, without having to do this, it may make more sense to opt for a knockout bet – where you win more if the favourite wins with a knockout. The other option is to bet on the longer odds fighter, but this can be risky, as real life is rarely like the Rocky movies – or the spin-off slots game.

You can play Rocky Slots at an online casino. It allows you to pretend to be the against-the-odds battler, brought to life by Sylvester Stallone, in a ten round battle against Ivan Drago or Apollo Creed. This is the bonus game featured with Rocky Slots, and is one of the most appealing aspects of the game – especially for romantic boxing fans. However the game also has plenty of other great elements, including stunning jackpots of $200,000, clips of key scenes from the original movies, and the presence of a wild reel icon (unsurprisingly, it’s the Rocky one) that improves your odds of a payout by standing in for other missing icons to provide a winning reel.

Ronda Rousey MMA World Champ With Bruce KiVo, Matt Lindland, Dr Rhadi Ferguson, Judo Gene Lebell and The Bruce Buffer 360

Ronda Rousey…Bruce KiVo, Matt Lindland, Dr Rhadi Ferguson, Judo Gene Lebell and The Bruce Buffer 360

by MMA Confidential

CLICK VIDEO to VIEW  Olympic Judo Bronze Medalist and Women’s 135 lb. Champion, Ronda Rousey , Matt “The Law” Lindland , Dr Rhadi Ferguson, Judo  Gene Lebell, and the Bruce Buffer 360.

Defeating Meisha Tate by armbar, Ronda Rousey became the Strikeforce 135lb Champion.

Since this video, “Rowdy” Ronda has made even more history…….

Now 7-0, she was the first American female  to medal @ the olympics, first MMA athlete to win all her matches by armbar……..and NOW she is the UFC’s first Women’s World Champion.

Watch out world. “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey’s been offered a lead in The Hunger Games.

Cung Le MMA Confidential “Dragon Eyes” Trailer Van Damme Peter Weller UFC 148 Rich Franklin

By Bruce Kivo

New film “Dragon Eyes”, stars  former Strikeforce MW Champ Cung Le, Jean Claude Van Damme and Peter

Weller.  The action takes place in prison and Cung’s acting and fighting rock the house.

The buzz in Hollywood is that Dragon Eyes is the hottest fight movie to hit the screen since Sly Stallone’s

“Rocky”.  Cung fights former UFC LH Champ Rich Franklin in July @ UFC 148 and Dragon Eyes premiers in April.

Is Cung Le the next big action star or what??

Check out the UK trailer for “Dragon Eyes” and see for yourself.